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A small gold mining village in southwestern New Mexico.

Mining with the DM100 Deluxe.

I would like to thank everyone who has ordered from this website.
It has been more than I ever expected.

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I design and build Drywashers, a Dredge/Highbanker, Prospecting supplies and gold mining equipment for the backpacker and recreational miner.



These six pages with pictures are my on-line catalog. If you have any questions or would like to place an order you can E-mail me at the address at the bottom of the page. You can call or write the address below.

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10593 Hwy. 152
Hillsboro, NM 88042
(575) 895-5745

LAST UPDATED 5/14/2017


DPC 200 Dredge Highbanker
HD 200 Highbanker Dredge
Mining Supplies
Dredge and Highbanker Supplies
Drywasher Supplies

Reasons for considering a


1. Designed and built by an active miner.

2. Assembled by that same person, each part is hand fitted,
so the quality is built IN.

3. I travel the country mining, (GA, NC, SC, WA, OR, CA, AZ, NM)
so I know they work well in different soil conditions.

4. Each model is tested in the laboratory and in the field.

5. Most are designed to take up very little storage space,
and to be very backpackable.

6. All models are made of .050 5052 marine aluminum and zinc plated steel.

7. Plastic parts are used only where necessary for improved performance.

8. All models come with a TWO YEAR materials and workmanship warranty.

9. More than 20 years experience building mining equipment.(26 years as a miner)

10. Ask anyone that owns one.(or two)

Just a little about me

One-day back in 1984, late on a Sunday night while watching TV, a program called The Gold Prospector Show with George Massie caught my attention. I always had an urge to go prospecting but that show ignited the fire.GOLD FEVER! Most of you know how that works.

I wanted to combine my love of motorcycles and prospecting so my purchase of equipment was limited to a 10" pan, tweezers and a sucker bottle. A few years later I bought a drywasher and a 2" dreage; well so much for the motorcycle. From 1984 to 1989 I was a weekend miner. In 1990 I quit my day job to go mining full time. I left with dreams of large nuggets in my head. By September I rolled back into town broke and looking for something to do. I became a dealer for the brand of equipment that I was using. The first piece of equipment I sold was to a friend. It was a drywasher just like mine. The next weekend we went out to show him how to best use it. We each started our machines and worked about an hour. When we stopped he asked me why his machine didn't shake like mine. I told him that while I was mining this last year I made quite a few changes to my drywasher. He asked if I would make those changes to his. Soon I was making those modifications to the units before they were sold. It didn't take long before I couldn't get the drywashers from the manufacturer fast enough. A friend made the suggestion that if I could improve someone else's drywasher that much, " why don't you start making your own?"

When I made my first drywasher, I could not believe how well it worked. Fine gold recovery was up 20%. Now I had to go back and find out why. After two months of research I found one major change and three minor changes made to the new unit that were responsible. The major reason was that I could not afford to buy the PVC prepunched board that other manufacturer was using, so I went to my local plastic dealer and asked for a plastic sheet that would be durable when I drilled many holes in it. He said that lexan(I found that lexan creates static electricity better than other plastics) was what I was looking for and gave a small piece. That was the one major improvement. As for the other three, I do need to keep some secrets. I have now been making mining equipment for over Twenty years and have made many improvements in my products. Some I will talk about and others will remain my secret.
Currently I make one model of a dredge/high banker. I also make four sizes of drywashers and they operate quite differently than other brands.
Check on top of the following pages for those features.

Ted French

My Goal

When I started making gold mining equipment my goal was,
and still is, to make the highest quality equipment
that includes the latest innovations, at a competitive price.

Email: packwasher@juno.com

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